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KulaBrands Event 2017 All Access Pass

This link is for you to request a roommate at the Arizona
Grand Resort and Spa for the weekend of May 19-21 st.
Come as early as the 18th leave as late as the 22nd.


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kulaParty Live Event

One of the greatest ways to become part of this community is to attend the 1st Annual kulaParty with hundreds or thousands of your community members. Be a part of the community that you’re building for an exciting and inspiring three to four days, depending on when you choose to arrive. You will be inspired with the vision that it will take to achieve true success once and for all in your life.
This event will be held in Phoenix, Arizona at the world renowned Arizona Grand Resort and Spa. May 19th – 21st. Arrive a day early for a around of golf or just spend some time relaxing around the pool.