The Breakfast Club with MR Jeff Hoffman

The Breakfast Club…an historic day!!

A special “Thank You” to Jeff Hoffman, Peter Gantner and the kulaBrands Community. We broke a long standing record for attendance at The Breakfast Club (including the YouTube replay option).

As of today 624 people have watched the interview with Jeff Hoffman. This was an incredible call with a down to earth talk from a multi-billionaire plus an informative and inspirational talk from Peter Gantner, the creator of a new business model that’s changing an industry for the better.

Not only did kulaBrands members watch this webinar but several others outside the community have either attended the live session or watched the replay on YouTube. The evidence of that is that many people are making appointments with prospects.who are requesting more information.

As I mentioned Monday in the email invitation, this session/webinar with the correct subject or title, will attract new people to listen and request more information from you.

This was NOT a speech from a past event at a college or fund raising event. It was a live talk about Jeff’s relationship with our community, kulaBrands It shows Jeff’s involvement with us from his perspective and gives us unique credibility from a very successful entrepreneur.

Use this replay and introduce Jeff to people around you. People will take your message more seriously or they are NOT the right person for your business at this time…and that;s OK. Remember you are NOT trying to interest anyone, you are looking for the “interested people”. This webinar is a great way to find them.


NOTE: The Breakfast Club was created over 18 years ago to bring like-minded people together to help each other build and maintain a successful business from home.

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